ADRIEN LUCCA: 28th January - 30th April 2016

The Exhibition What Mary Didn’t Know uses the Low Pressure Sodium Lamp, or SOX lamp, as a basic parameter for Adrien Lucca’s work with colors, and the experience of it. The special thing about the SOX lamp is that it annihilates any perception of color, and allows the spectator only to see in terms of brightness values.

The usage of the SOX lamp as one of the main premisses for the experience of the exhibition permits the transition from my own practice, mainly in black and white, or monochrome photographs
(or films), to that specific niche Adrien Lucca is occupying with his scientific like work on colors, and the reproduction of these.

The title of the Exhibition refers to Frank Jackson’s thought experiment from 1982, where Mary, an excellent scientist, has at disposal all the knowledge possible that exists on colors, but never experienced color in her life, as she spent her whole life in a closed and monochromatic room. This leaves the question, that despite her extensive knowledge, will she learn something knew the day she escapes her room?