Meditations On The Cross

SNEJANKA MIHAYLOVA September13th - December 31st 2014
Opening: September 12th, 6-9pm

"Meditations on the Cross" is an exhibition of drawings by Snejanka Mihaylova, which take their point of departure from a drawing of Malevich of an empty stage in 1913. Approaching this drawing as an anticipation of his suprematist paintings in 1915, and particularly his interest in the motif of the cross, Mihaylova's own series of drawings establishes a relationship between the notion of the empty stage, understood as a pure potential or a mental state, and the cross, extending her interest in Early Christianity and the Gnositic tradition, where the cross is seen as a condition of  possibility for a kind of knowledge gained through personal experience. 

The exhibition places these concerns within a larger documentary framework that treats photography and film as an epistemological tool.   

The practice of Snejanka Mihaylova is located at the intersection of philosophy, performance and publishing. She is one of the artists commissioned by If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution to create a new performance as part of Edition V – Appropriation and Dedication (2013–2014) to be presented the coming 27 November - 3 December in Amsterdam.


Many thanks to:

Indre Klimaite,
Helmut Rings,
FOCUNA, for the 16mm print